The idea for this project came to mind after much deliberation of how we could use photography to positively change people’s lives and to make something bigger than ourselves.

We didn’t want to create a traditional photo project where a photographer goes to a remote location, take some snaps of some exotic people to come back and show it to his friends as a piece of decoration on the coffee table or at an exhibition. We wanted our project to be about the people and for the people finding a way to make our pictures benefit their lives directly

So we started thinking and researching online on similar projects where people used art as tool for social change and we discovered there are quite a few of them around, so we decided to take a different track on our concept.

We visited places where people have no or very little access to professional photography in rural India and Sri Lanka. Made some portraits and used a portable Polaroid printer to print these pictures and give it back to them. So they can treasure their memories for ever.

Think about the significance of a family portrait. Think about the amount of memories and feelings your family photos bring you. I know this because this is what I do for a living. That moment in time that is never coming back is priceless.

Now imagine if you didn’t have any moments like this to remember. If you grew up with no cameras or if your family could never afford to get their pictures taken.

So our proposal with this project was  to take as many pictures of people as we can, our focus was to show people in a dignified light. We wanted to take photos that give people a sense of identity, pictures that bring them joy, pictures that they can keep for generations to come.

We have also filmed the entire trip and made a webshow on it that can be seen at the bottom of this page