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Today I would like to share a little video I made to explain my motivation to shoot street portraiture. Hope you enjoy and share this message.

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Guasasa is one of those places that I ended up by mere chance, but turned out to be one of the most intense experiences trough my travels.

While hitchhiking the west coast of Cuba I received information about this village that had recently been devastated by a hurricane. I packed my things and quickly left to capture the sad village in reconstruction.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

The old retired school bus makes the transfer to Guasasa every 3 days. on board men and woman working class, smoking cigars and sucking on the old dust from the gravel road. Me and my companion stand out as the odd ones out. Arriving late in the afternoon and setting up camp at the local beach, we are greeted by the group of older man that take care of the village. they mean no harm but come to check on us. Amazing sunset.

Next morning we receive a visitor that end up becoming our tour guide for the day. Jose Luiz is an 18 year old army official. In times where happiness is associated with material possession this place shows me otherwise. Free range is not just an expensive egg, it is all this people know, kids runs freely with pigs, hens, goats and all sorts of farm animals, and while the internet does not get to this end of the world pigeons seems to be doing a good job.

While back in the “developed” world every 3 year old already has a smartphone this village has a unique room dedicated to the only TV around, where kids get together for some jolly cartoon fun while under the gaze of revolutionary heroes posters.

I believe Guasasa summed up the Cuba experience, the beauty of simplicity and natural communal cooperative lifestyle.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT 08 AUGUST 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

This is the last episode of the photo giving project 2013 series. I hope you enjoy as much as we did.
The Dhobi Ghat near the Mahalaxmi train station in Mumbai is the world’s largest open air laundromat.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT -07 AUGUST 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Episode 6 takes place in Mumbai’s busiest market. Crawford Market.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT – 06 JULY 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Episode 5 took place in Karnataka, India with some happy ladies and a printer going swimming.


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THUMB-Nando-Azevedo-Photography_NAZ1632Trincomalle was once the main center for dispute between Tamil and Sinhala. Even though you can now see the cultures side by side, the war has scarred the souls of the people and sorrow is portrayed on the faces of these fisherman. Nonetheless the younger generations look ahead and start seeing the benefits of tourism.

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Nando-Azevedo-Photography_NAZ1168THUMBHow can a man control a 5 ton beast? The only possible answer for me is “The mind is stronger than the body”