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This video is a short presentation of some of my favourite images I took along the years, combined with one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite photographers: MR Elliott Erwitt.

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Protester faces police officer during peaceful manifestation on the day of the signing of the TPPA, in Auckland New Zealand.

The day Auckland was taken over by peace keepers after corporate murderers signed the ‪#‎TPPA‬.
It seems like the fight had just started as peace keeper were practicing acts of peaceful civil disobedience all over the city. A silent revolution had started and people were claiming back their power. The beginning of a tsunami of consciousness.
‪#‎tpp‬ ‪#‎tppaNoWay‬ ‪#‎tppaWalkAway‬ ‪#‎TakingPeoplesPowerAway‬

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A firsthand account of Female Genital Mutilation and the pathway to overcoming it.

Rahwa claiming back her womanhood after she was a victim of Female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child. See full story at https://Azevedo.exposure.co/for-the-right-to-be-open

We arrive at the gynaecological ward of Auckland City hospital by 7:10 am on a typical wet spring morning. Rahwa seems to be more concerned about the fact we are 10 minutes late then with what is about to happen. She checks herself into what might be one of the most important procedures towards claiming back her life.

Read Full article here :https://Azevedo.exposure.co/for-the-right-to-be-open

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Nando Azevedo Photography__NAZ2865It was a beautiful day for democracy when 10 thousand people took it to the streets of Auckland in protest against the secrecy and lack of public participation behind the negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Maori and Pakeha, young and old, all came together under one loud chant: TPPA NO WAY!

‪#‎TPPANoWay‬ ‪#‎TPPAWalkAway‬ ‪#‎FairTradeNotFreeTrade 

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Today I would like to share a little video I made to explain my motivation to shoot street portraiture. Hope you enjoy and share this message.

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Guasasa is one of those places that I ended up by mere chance, but turned out to be one of the most intense experiences trough my travels.

While hitchhiking the west coast of Cuba I received information about this village that had recently been devastated by a hurricane. I packed my things and quickly left to capture the sad village in reconstruction.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

The old retired school bus makes the transfer to Guasasa every 3 days. on board men and woman working class, smoking cigars and sucking on the old dust from the gravel road. Me and my companion stand out as the odd ones out. Arriving late in the afternoon and setting up camp at the local beach, we are greeted by the group of older man that take care of the village. they mean no harm but come to check on us. Amazing sunset.

Next morning we receive a visitor that end up becoming our tour guide for the day. Jose Luiz is an 18 year old army official. In times where happiness is associated with material possession this place shows me otherwise. Free range is not just an expensive egg, it is all this people know, kids runs freely with pigs, hens, goats and all sorts of farm animals, and while the internet does not get to this end of the world pigeons seems to be doing a good job.

While back in the “developed” world every 3 year old already has a smartphone this village has a unique room dedicated to the only TV around, where kids get together for some jolly cartoon fun while under the gaze of revolutionary heroes posters.

I believe Guasasa summed up the Cuba experience, the beauty of simplicity and natural communal cooperative lifestyle.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT 08 AUGUST 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

This is the last episode of the photo giving project 2013 series. I hope you enjoy as much as we did.
The Dhobi Ghat near the Mahalaxmi train station in Mumbai is the world’s largest open air laundromat.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT -07 AUGUST 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Episode 6 takes place in Mumbai’s busiest market. Crawford Market.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT – 06 JULY 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Episode 5 took place in Karnataka, India with some happy ladies and a printer going swimming.


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THUMB-Nando-Azevedo-Photography_NAZ1632Trincomalle was once the main center for dispute between Tamil and Sinhala. Even though you can now see the cultures side by side, the war has scarred the souls of the people and sorrow is portrayed on the faces of these fisherman. Nonetheless the younger generations look ahead and start seeing the benefits of tourism.

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Nando-Azevedo-Photography_NAZ1168THUMBHow can a man control a 5 ton beast? The only possible answer for me is “The mind is stronger than the body”

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT -16-06-2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Our best day giving photos so far happened at a beach north of Trincomalle in Sri Lanka. There wasnt any fish that day but at least the fisherman got something.

Make sure to check out the full photo gallery here


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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT – 07 JUNE 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Episode 3 is about Elephants and the people that can talk to them

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0275-Nando-Azevedo-Photography-_NAZ0498-THUMBThe first stop during THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT was the hospitable small Island/Country of Sri Lanka. Photos in this gallery portrait some of the comon people and the exentric culture of South  Sri Lanka. From Colombo to Galle going trough Kandi and Unuwatuna.


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Nando Azevedo Photography _NAZ1110 low res The millennium elephant foundation work in Sri Lanka rehabilitating elephant and preventing them from being mistreated.

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT – 03 JUN 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

The second episode of the Photo giving project happened in the dutch market of Galle in Sri Lanka.
In the end we got some free limes!

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THE PHOTO GIVING PROJECT – 02 JUNE 2013 from Nando Azevedo on Vimeo.

Our first episode. Our meeting was very random as we were walking to get to a beach.

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Hello World!

I am trilled to announce the official release of the PHOTO GIVING PROJECT:

The idea for this project came to mind after much deliberation of how we could use photography to positively change peoples life and to make something that is bigger than ourselves.

We didn’t want to create a traditional photo project where a photographer goes to a remote location, take some snaps of some exotic people to come back and show it to his friends as a piece of decoration on the coffee table. We wanted our project to be about the people and for the people and their places and trying to find a way to make our pictures benefit their lives.

So we started thinking and researching online on similar projects where people used art as tool for social change. and we discovered there are quite a few of them around, so we decided to take a different track on our concept.

That’s when it hit us: It was pretty simple, so here is what we are going to do: We will go to places where people have no or very little access to a camera. And we will take professional portraits of the people in those places. Then we will use a portable Polaroid printer to print these peoples pictures and give it back to them. So they can treasure their memories for ever.

the printer we will be using along the trip

I mean, think about the significance of a family portrait. Think about the amount of memories and feelings your family photos bring you. I know this because this is what I do for a living. That moment in time that is never coming back is priceless.

Now imagine if you didn’t have any moments like this to remember. If you grew up with no cameras or if your family could never afford to get their pictures taken.

If your house was on fire and you could only take one thing out of the house what would it be? If you answered “family photo album” you already understand what this project is about.

So our proposal is to take as many pictures of people as we can, our focus is not on the “misery and poverty award winning sad photos”. We want to take photos that give people a sense of identity, pictures that bring them joy, pictures that they can keep for generation to come. Pictures like the ones you can find on the rest of this website that I have taken in previous photo travel expedition.

But on my previous trips I had no way of giving those pictures back to the people right on the moment. I mean, I could leave a roll of film with them or a CD but most of them wouldn’t know what to do with that, I have sent back some of my pictures before but the reality is I can never be sure if they ever reach their destination.

But now with these Polaroids they can see and touch their pictures right there and then. but also keep them for years and years. And we will be able to be there and witness and record their reactions.

in fact we are filming the entire trip and making a webshow on it. You can follow here on my website www.nandoazevedo.com just click the JOURNAL section.

We are starting our project on June 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, and from there we will make our way trough Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal & Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia.

I hope that by now you are as keen as we are to get this project going. So thank you very much and we’ll see you in Asia.

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Nando-Azevedo-Photography-DSC_0247-copyThe king of rivers is home to more than a 1 million people that rely on the river for survival, food , transportation, trading and work.

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How long can you hold on to a dream before you give in to the cruel reality of the system, after all even spiderman has to pay for his bills.

These are afew portraits of those that are still dreaming and those that learned to accept.

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Very special kids in costa rica

What differs a Down syndrome kid from a child without Down syndrome? They still play, they still care and they are very affectionate. The real big difference is the way YOU treat them.

These photos were taken at a pre school specialized in the early childhood education of kids diagnosed with down syndrome in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Nando_Azevedo_Photography DSC_7543 cover

Once a year international volunteers join local orphans at “Casa do Caminho” orphanage to help  maintain the support house.